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Sod Installation


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Sod Installation

Sod allows you to quickly establish a lush, green lawn that improves your property’s appearance and gives your family and pets a clean, soft yard in which to relax and play.

Sod is grass that has already germinated and is ready to be installed as a lawn. Putting down sod is the fastest and easiest way to establish a lawn. Unlike sod, newly seeded lawns take a great deal of time and attention to grow into a mature, healthy lawn. Additionally, new grass seeded areas cannot be used for several months without causing damage, taking away from your ability to enjoy your lawn and property and increasing the chance of damage should errant feet find their way across the newly seeded area. In contrast, your newly sodded yard can be ready for use in only three weeks if given proper care.

Like any project, it’s important to start it correctly. That’s why we come in, remove any surface such as old grass and weeds that could hinder the success of the sod’s growth. Then, if the topsoil is good quality, we rough the surface for a good growth base. If needed, we’ll bring in a garden quality loam and compost mix, spread it evenly, and then level all surfaces for the best finished look.

Caring for sod doesn’t end with its installation, though. New sod must be watered enough to allow it take hold; watering for ½ hour – 1 hour, two times per day for a month after its installation is recommended.