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Spring Clean-up


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Spring Clean-up

Beginning in March, before the lawn mowing season starts, there is work that needs to be done on the lawn and in the landscape. No matter how clean a lawn was in the Fall, there always is debris the following Spring. We call this work a Spring Clean Up, which is a service that prepares the lawn and landscape for the Spring growing season. During this service visit, we take care of a number of potentially damaging concerns that may be found, including the following items:

  • Remove loose leaves from last Fall and over the winter
  • Blowers and rakes remove the matted or “frozen” leaves in the flower beds or turf
  • Cutting down ornamental grasses that were left tall for some visual
  • Winter contrast
  • Picking up twigs and branches shed from the trees during the winter

This is an important service in the Spring for all properties. Leaves that are not cleaned up can damage the turf and trap diseases in the flower beds. Leaves from a diseased tree often carry the spores of the disease and the Spring rains may active those spores and re-infect the same tree or others.